• Pulled Bologna Sandwich

    Pulled Bologna Sandwich

    Mark is grating up some bologna to create some fantastic pulled bologna sandwiches. These sandwiches are seasoned and sauced with Killer Hogs BBQ products, mixed with coleslaw and mayo, and...
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  • Mississippi Dip Sandwich

    Mississippi Dip Sandwich

    The Mississippi Dip Sandwich is a delectable Southern-inspired sandwich featuring tender, slow-cooked beef or pork, typically served on a crusty French roll or baguette, accompanied by melted cheese and a...
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  • Fried Deer Tenderloin Sandwich

    Fried Deer Tenderloin Sandwich

    Today at Deer Camp, we're making our favorite fried deer tenderloin sandwich. This perfect and crispy sandwich is great for any toppings and delicious to eat. We like ours with...
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